Ornamental Unbreakable Animal Toys Made and Stuffed Toy Animals Restored too. Call in - can't wait to meet you!

Welcome to the world of COLDHAMCUDDLIES! Your one-stop destination for Ornamental Toys made in Felts, Fleeces and Faux Fur fabrics. Every Cuddly is a one-off: I am incapable of doing a complete duplicate of any Toy I make!

I have been making Cuddlies Keepsake Toys for most of my adult life. I started creating these wonderful vintage animals in the 1950's and have continued making them for family and friends ever since. In 2010, seeking some distraction from the fulltime caring duties needed by my late husband, I was introduced to Etsy by my crafty daughter, opened COLDHAMCUDDLIES in February of that year and have been having a great time ever since. In 2012, the Cuddlies became a full time "paying pastime", as well as occupational therapy, after my husband died suddenly.

My COLDHAMCUDDLIES are mostly created using vintage patterns I have collected over the last 60 years. I do have modern patterns too. My toys are made using unusual faux fur and colourful plush fabrics. They are all stuffed with polyester fibre, meeting all international standards - and are made in a totally smoke-free environment. They are long-lasting, cuddly, safe for everyone from birth to the Third Age: indeed many have become Companion Toys for the latter group.

COLDHAMCUDDLIES come in all forms:

Bears - Teddies, Pandas, Koalas, big and small.
Golf Club Head Covers.
Rabbits galore, dressed and small
Foxes and other Animal Plush Toys.
Hand/Glove Puppets, and
Novelty Plush Slippers for Children, Women and Men ( Small, Medium and Large for each).
Owls and Penguins feature, as well as Fleece Poultry Toys.
There are Toy Nursery Mobiles on offer too - using our coterie of Small Toys.
We now offer Feature Ornamental Whales and/or Dolphins for good measure.

As an integral part of the ColdhamCuddlies Shop, I also offer full restorative treatment for elderly or damaged toys. The treatment procedure can be explained to interested Customers who contact me via convo or email at coldhamcuddlies [!at] tiscali.co.uk. I will e-mail the modus operandi immediately, and we can then discuss the treatment(s) required. Prices are obviously dependent on the current state of the Toy and what the Patient requires to be returned to a good condition. The service has proved to be popular in the UK and near European Continent: I aim to expand it elsewhere as and when approached. During 2017, we have welcomed patients from both coasts of the North American Continent as well.

Recently, I've undertaken speaking assignments to explain more about the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic and it's operations. Please contact me if you need to fill a visitor slot: I'll be happy to fill the vacancy, with reasonable notice.

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